Short Sale in Combine Texas, Kaufman County

I closed a Chase Short Sale in Kaufman County today, after approximately five months of waiting and wishing.

I had my initial offer in less than 30 days, because the property was priced right and the bank was going to clear more than their appraised value of the property. Lo and behold, two weeks before we were to get the approval letter, the negotiator emails me and informs me that the investor will only pay 1% in closing cost on all FHA loans. Now mind you the offer we had on this home was at least $10K over the banks appraised value. But for some reason, someone within that organization thought that not paying an additional $2500 towards a buyers closing cost was better than clearing an additional $10-$15K on the sales price.

Needless to say, those buyers walked. Chase asked me to change the listing price to their appraised value price and sure enough, we had a cash offer within a week of the price change. We were all set to get the approval letter when Chase then informs us that they cannot pay any closing cost on a cash deal. What??? Ok, how clueless can these lenders be?

Anyway, the buyers and sellers worked out the closing cost, since it was not a large amount and the seller was generous enough to forfeit some of his short sale seller incentive in order to make this deal work.

So we Closed today! My seller is relieved because it has been long road, but not a very difficult one, as our negotiator Loubna Christensen was very kind and very helpful. She even returned my calls in a timely manner and went as far as calling me on a Saturday morning, which I still can’t get over.

So if you have a Chase Short Sale in Kaufman County, please call us today and we can get your home sold, but I can’t promise you that it will be a “Short Sale,” because more than likely….it may be the longest sell you’ve ever encountered. But you will avoid foreclosure in Kaufman County and that’s the important point.

Short Sale Diva

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